Melissa Fall is a California-based writer. Her short story “Photo Finished,” a murder mystery set in contemporary Los Angeles, was published in the May/June 2019 issue of the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Her short story “The Floor,” a speculative thriller set in near-future San Francisco, was selected as the runner-up for the Economic Security Project's inaugural Into the Black fiction competition in January 2018 and has since been viewed more than 10,700 times on io9. Melissa’s plays have been produced in the San Francisco Bay Area and Off-Off-Broadway in New York City. Her lifelong obsession with arts-and-culture trivia culminated in an appearance on season 34 of Jeopardy!

To contact Melissa, email her at melfallorama at gmail dot com, replacing words with punctuation as appropriate.


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Image credits, from left to right: Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (May/June 2019), Economic Security Project, Claire Rice, Clay Robeson, V. Wong for The Daily Californian, Robert Andrew Andres Perez Jr.

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